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knowledge and reference management are two of a kind. Your ideas are based on existing literature are the core of your own publications. They belong together. Bibliographix joins them. Unlike reference managers with no or only basic idea management, Bibliographix puts the emphasis on handling knowledge. It also provides the features of a reference manager but if you want all the bells and whistles of Endnote and don't want knowledge management, you may look elswhere.

keeping track of your own knowledge: As you continue reading and thinking things slightly move out of focus. Bibliographix supports you in keeping the overview over the things you know whith special search functions aimed at half chaotic heaps of information.

adding structure to dispersed knowledge: This "half chaotic heap of information" needs to become a thesis, article, book, lecture some future day. To assist you in this transformation Bibliographix offers an outliner. Note that the idea of outlining is not the starting point but the final. You may have different outlines for different projects based on the same set of ideas.

installing the softare: The software is so lean and fast it only takes a few moments to install. As total file size is about 5 MEG it is small enough to be running in your Dropbox/OwnCloud/Google Drive... directory to be synced on all your systems. As there is a Mac, Windows and Linux version, you can access you data (or share it) on multiple platforms. In case you are concerned about data security, you can of course run the software locally. The cloud is just an option.

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