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Try it out for free

Download the app and try it out. This version is no crippled freemium stuff, but the full version.

After four weeks at most you should have made up your mind if you want to continue using the software or not. If not, remove it from you system. Bibliographix is no freeware.

If you want to continue using it, you need to buy it.

Pricing model

Bibliographix is pay what you want (PWYW). It is your freedom to decide how useful the app is to you with respect to your budget. Budgets strongly vary in academia, so the same price for a graduate student and a tenured professor might not really be a good idea.

Of course you can cheat me by using the software without paying. This gives bad karma and a hint that the dark side of the force is strong in you.


Select a choice to use paypal.

Suggested minimum price

You may use this rule of thumb: If you think that the app is worth less than one hour of your time to you you should not use it. Its useless to you. To calculate what one hour of your time is worth, take you anual income (including grants, parental cheques, ...) and divide it by 1.600.