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The following screenshots may give you a first impression of the software.

Main Window

The main window displays all references and ideas in a shared list. Clicking an item shows the details.

This main window is sort of a control center where you can browse and link your references and ideas to PDF files, websites or to other items in your database.

As the application uses an extremly fast in-memory database you can search a very big database in a fraction of a second in full text.


The basic tool to find things are keywords. Drill down search uses these keywords and displays the number of matches in advance. So you know how to refine your search before searching.

Drilling down only displays those keywords that make sense searching for. When you start searching for philosophy you know how many matches you will get and you know which other keywords are combined with philosophy and how many combinations with ethics for example there are. If there are no combinations with logistics for example, this keyword is skipped.

Frankly: You don't need this feature for you BA-Thesis. If you have a four digit figure of records in your database you will love it.


Another feature based on keyords is recommendations. Clicking an idea or reference, Bibliographix searches the database for records with similar keywords or titles and displays the most similar matches.

Some of these matches are obvious. Some are simply nonsense but some have a point that makes you wonder if there is some artificial inteligence at work. Be assured. There isn't.


I never understood the concept of outline-based idea management. These apps expect you upon having an idea to know the exact place of this new idea in a global tree structure. If a mind is so well organised to know this - what is the use of an idea manager?

Bibliographix is different. For minds less organised.

The software gives you the option to build up an outline if you are ready to do. It does not force you.

As the outline is not the content of your database but only a subset you don't need to include all your ideas in the outline. You may create several outlines you may include an idea in several outlines or more than once in a single outline.

This way your ideas gain structure step by step. When ready, click a button to export the whole tree to your word processor.

Appendix in Word, LaTex, ...

To cite a reference in your word processor, insert a temporary in text citation via clipboard. When your manuscript is finished, compile it with Bibliographix to replace the permanent placeholders with "pretty" ones and create an appendix including all references cited.

This works with Word, LibreOffice, LaTeX, ...

Bibliography Stlye

There are literally thousands of different bibliography styles. The few common ones are delivered with Bibliographix. To create one of the legion others, use the easy to use style editor.